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A-Plan Insurance have been established since 1963 since when it has built an extensive base of over 500,000 valuable, loyal clients through its extensive network of 65 branches that can be found in towns and cities in 16 counties throughout the UK.

Their branch managers have been with the company for an average of 10 years that must be a positive factor in today’s employment market.

They provide a personal service either through the network of branches or over the telephone with many people preferring to call into the local office to sit down with an experienced member of staff whom they have probably seen on more than one occasion to discuss their individual requirements rather than via a price comparison website or call centre. Because of this personal service, many clients have returned to A-Plan to arrange their other types of insurance.

When you telephone A-Plan, unlike many insurance companies, you will not hear the usual pre-recorded message asking you to listen to the various options and then select option 1 for car insurance, option 2 for home insurance etc – you will speak with a human being.

Each year they assist almost 350,000 clients to obtain a suitable car insurance policy and they have over 150,000 home insurance policyholders.

Like many insurance companies they have, over the years, expanded the number of products on offer from providing just the traditional standard car insurance policies to offering numerous types of insurance such as insurance for classic cars, kit cars, grey import cars, high performance cars, modified cars, caravans, convicted drivers, horseboxes, breakdown cover, motorhomes, vans, taxis, buses, coaches, motor trades, tools, homes, life, dental, shops, pubs etc.

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