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Admiral Insurance was established in January 1993 with the aim of providing good quality car insurance at a competitive price. They have gradually expanded to become one of the biggest providers of car insurance within the UK and are now represented in seven countries worldwide.

When they opened their doors for car insurance business in 1993 they had no customers and 57 staff. As at December 2011 the Group insured 3.4 million vehicles and employed over 6,000 staff making them one of South Wales’s major employers. The Group’s turnover that was made up of premiums written plus other income reached £2.19 billion in 2011 (£1.58 billion in 2010) – an increase of 38%.

Admiral will happily arrange car insurance for most segments of the market but are also renowned as providers of car insurance to the likes of young drivers, drivers living in cities and those who drive performance sports cars who tend to have to pay more for their insurance. Optional extras include such things as legal cover, breakdown cover, hire car cover and personal injury cover.

You can either apply for car insurance with Admiral by telephone or online with a discount of up to 10% available if you buy their insurance online.

As well as providing car insurance for one vehicle they also provide MultiCar Insurance that enables a household to insure two or more cars and receive a discount. You can even insure your son or daughter’s cars whilst they are away at university. The more cars that on the policy the bigger the discount and cars can be added when their existing insurance comes up for renewal at a guaranteed premium.

Over the years Admiral Insurance have branched out into offering numerous other types of insurance such as pet insurance, van insurance, home insurance, motorbike insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and car warranty.

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