Churchill Insurance

Churchill Insurance is one of the first direct motor insurance providers in the UK having started out on their corporate journey as far back as June 1989.

Since that time they have come a long way as they now provide an extensive range of insurance products selling car insurance, home insurance, van insurance, motorbike insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance, multi-car insurance, breakdown cover, European breakdown cover and income protection.

Churchill Insurance is based in the UK where all their call centres are still located. You can arrange insurance either over the telephone or online 7 days a week.

In 2002 Churchill Insurance purchased Prudential’s insurance arm.

Churchill Insurance were then quickly purchased by Credit Suisse.

In 2003, the Royal Bank of Scotland Group purchased Churchill Insurance for £1.1 billion that made RBS’s insurance arm, including Direct Line, the UK’s second largest general insurer.

However by 2013 they will have no choice other than to be under new ownership due to the Government bailing RBS out in 2008 with the EU insisting that the bank’s insurance division be sold off.

Churchill Insurance advertise frequently on TV having used the bulldog that has now become rather famous and seen by millions since 1994. In fact you can order the “Nodding Dog” online.

Some of the Your Money awards that Churchill Insurance have received are listed below:

  • Best Online Pet Insurance Provider 2010
  • Best Online Pet Insurance Provider 2009
  • Best Direct Car Insurer 2008
  • Best Home and Contents Insurance Provider 2008

Churchill Insurance pride themselves on their quality of customer service.

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