Direct Line Insurance

Direct Line Insurance, who are part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, opened for business on 2 April 1985 selling car insurance over the telephone from a call centre in Croydon employing 63 staff.

Today they have call centres in Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow employing 10,000 staff in the UK plus they also have operations in Italy and Germany where it sells car insurance through Direct Line Italy and Direct Line Germany.

Direct Line are now the leading direct car insurer in the UK providing in excess of 13,000 quotes each day, selling a policy every 10 seconds and receiving a claim every 30 seconds.

Direct Line, as the name indicates, only sell direct to the public. You cannot buy their policies through a broker nor will you find them on any price comparison websites. Nowadays you can also puchase their products on line.

As well as car insurance, Direct Line also sell van insurance, home insurance, multi car insurance, breakdown cover including European breakdown cover, travel insurance, critical illness cover, life insurance, pet insurance and Home Response 24.

With their comprehensive car insurance, Direct Line say that you will not lose your no claims discount if damage to your car results from an act of vandalism. Also, with their comprehensive car insurance, you will not lose your no claims discount if your car is damaged by an un-insured driver in another vehicle.

Another excellent benefit with Direct Line is that a named driver who is on your car insurance policy will benefit from building up their own no claims discount should they arrange a policy with Direct Line.

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