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Gocompare.com, a price comparison website, was established in November 2006 by a number of insurance experts to provide the customer with the facility to be able to compare, on a like for like basis, various personal financial products.

Gocompare.com allows you to compare such products as car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, business insurance, van insurance, motorhome insurance, motorbike insurance, scooter insurance, short term motor insurance, life insurance, phone and internet providers, energy suppliers and breakdown cover.

In the case of car insurance, they can provide you with access to quotes from in excess of 120 car insurance companies by you keying the required information into Gocompare.com’s database. If you wish to progress your enquiry further you can then apply online through the website of the insurance company you have chosen and in many cases, if you have a query, you can communicate this directly with the car insurance company by telephone or whatever other means they allow.

Out of all the comparison sites, Gocompare’s was the very first to show the features for each product instead of just providing a list of prices.

Apparently, Gocompare.com claim that 99% of their customers can get a lower car insurance premium by going through them.

In May 2008 they were invited by the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) to be the very first price comparison site to become a member and Gocompare.com is still the only price comparison site to have BIBA accreditation.

Gocompare.com do not add commission or fees or charge customers who use their service. Instead they charge a small fee to the car insurance company should a sale take place.

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