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More Than are owned by and are also the insurance brand name of RSA Insurance Group PLC (RSA) who were previously called Royal and Sun Alliance PLC . The latter were formed in 1996 following a merger between Royal Insurance and Sun Alliance. RSA has a customer base exceeding 20 million and is represented in 36 countries.

More Than was set up in June 2001 and their car insurance is underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance PLC. The More Than brand name is perceived to be modern but supported by the RSA heritage.

More Than offer numerous types of insurance including car insurance, motor trade insurance, home insurance, boat insurance, pet insurance, golf insurance, memorial stone cover, motorhome insurance, travel insurance, van insurance, caravan insurance, life insurance, student insurance, income protection and motorcycle insurance.

You can apply for their car insurance either over the telephone or online.

They provide fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party car insurance.

Their car insurance provides up to a 60% no claims discount, a free courtesy car whilst your car is being repaired at an authorised repairer (fully comprehensive policyholders only), a lifetime guarantee on bodywork and paint repairs, the car repairer will collect and return your car to you, repairs can be authorised immediately whilst you are on the premises of a recommended repairer and the benefit of a Personal Customer Manager located in the UK who can answer any questions you have about your car insurance.

Optional extras include a Legal Assistance Plan, Travel Accident Plan, No Claims Bonus Protection and Breakdown Cover.

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