Zurich Insurance

Zurich is known as one of the largest insurance companies in the world operating in excess of 170 countries with a staff of 60,000. It was established in Switzerland in 1872 dealing with marine insurance and came to the UK in 1922.

Over the years Zurich has branched out into other areas of insurance including car insurance, home insurance, life insurance and business insurance including fleet car insurance.

You can arrange car insurance with them either over the telephone or by going online.

They provide a flexible car insurance policy allowing you to add a number of options such as breakdown cover, legal cover, hire car cover, excess protect cover, key car cover and personal accident cover. They provide up to 9 years no claims discount.

Some of the standard features of their car insurance policy includes such things as: if an uninsured driver bumps into your car and you were not at fault your no claims discount will not be lost nor will you have an excess to pay. A courtesy car is provided following an accident if you use one of Zurich’s approved repairers. A no claims discount of up to 65% is available together with a 10% discount for online applications.

Zurich Insurance were awarded a 5 star Defaqto rating for its comprehensive car insurance and home insurance in 2005 – the only insurance company to hold awards for both types of policy.

Zurich Insurance is proud of the quality of service provided not only to potential new customers but also to their existing customer base.

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